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If you decide to become a client of TMW, you should know that you get so much more than just a simple website. We take care of everything that makes a website pleasing to the eye, user-friendly, and effective.

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Beautifully Designed

Once you've taken a look at our portfolio, you'll see how beautiful our websites are. Well, guess what? You can have a beautiful website of your own. Whether you have your own gorgeous design or you need us to provide you with one, we are certain that you will love your website.

Fast Loading

Research has shown that if a website doesn't load quickly, people will leave that website. Since our goal is to bring people to your website and keep them there, we use one of the fastest-loading hosting services for all of our websites.

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Long gone are the days when people just viewed websites on their desktop computers. People view websites on their laptops, tablets, and especially their phones. This is why all of our websites are responsive, meaning your website will look fabulous on devices of all shapes and sizes.


All of our websites come with an SSL certificate, ensuring that your website's information is transferred through an HTTPS (instead of HTTP) URL. This means that your website's data will be encrypted and safe from hackers.

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Your website will receive regular maintenance and updates to keep it looking beautiful and functioning properly.

How Does It Work

Working with us is as simple as can be. Once you become our client, we take care of everything you need, so that you are completely satisfied. Continue reading to find out what your experience will be like if you decide to become our client.

Step 1

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You choose us!

So you've decided that you want TMW to make your website or web app. Yay! After you sign the agreement, we can begin work right away. Soon thereafter, you'll receive a mock-up of your website or web app. If it needs some tweaks, no worries. We'll keep at it until you love it.

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Step 2

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You approve the design.

You love the mock-up design of your website or web app! This means we're ready to begin coding. You can expect to receive the first draft of your website or web app within the agreed-upon time frame. If after seeing the first draft, you want some changes - no problem. We aim to please.

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Step 3

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Your website is finished!

At this point, we've completed your website or web app, and it's ready for the world to see. So get online and have a look. You can even have your friends and family look it over. If there are any changes that you would like, let us know, because we want you to absolutely love your website or app.


Take a look at our portfolio. Feel free to visit each website so that you see our entire range of work. Remember, all of our websites are responsive, so take a look on your computer, tablet, or phone. Are you impressed yet? 😉 This is just a taste of what we can do.

Contact Us

Are you interested in our services? Then send us a message providing us with your contact info letting us know what we can do for you. Tell us about the website or web app you desire: small business, portfolio, influencer, ecommerce, cafe/restaruant, etc. We've already started the contact form for you. Just fill in the blanks below:

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