About Me

If you'd like to get to know me better, take a moment to watch the video that I made. You'll learn about my background, my journey into coding, and most importantly, what my superpower is.


To give you an idea of what I'm capable of, here's a list of all of the programming languages, frameworks, and libraries that I'm skilled in. I've dabbled in jQuery, and I also know some WordPress.

HTML 93%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 80%
PHP 60%
React 75%
React Native 70%
Ruby on Rails 60%
Java 55%
Bootstrap 80%

Additional Skills

Did you think that was all I could do? Guess what? There's more. Besides being skilled with programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, I have additional skills that are useful in web development.

Graphic drawing with Sketch and Adobe XD logos

Web Design

I've acquired some web design skills throughout my web development journey. I've designed a number of websites, including this one. Also, I'm proficient in Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.

Graphic drawing with math symbols

Math Skills

As a former math professor, I am pretty good at math;-) This also means that I'm pretty good at problem solving, which I've found to be quite useful in the field of web development.

Graphic drawing with github/vcs image

Git and GitHub

Yes, I even know how to use a version control system. I know how to create branches. I can add, commit, push, and pull, etc. Most importantly, I know that I should NEVER commit to master.

Graphic drawing with computer, tablet, and phone

Responsive Web Design

Can I develop a responsive website? Absolutely! To make my websites responsive, I tend to use media queries, although every now and then, I'll rely on Bootstrap.


Take a look at my portfolio. Feel free to visit each website so that you see my entire range of work. Remember, all of our websites are responsive, so take a look on your computer, tablet, or phone. Are you impressed yet? 😉 This is just a taste of what I can do.

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